We put right things in right place so that NATURE develops its own kind of forest.”

Regular Dense Forest

A usual forest with the right amount of fruit bearing, flower blossoming, and wood giving trees native to that region.

Sacred Forest

First of its kind service in India bridging religious culture, Vedic literature, and environment. Yogis/Siddhas gave us in-depth knowledge on trees related to Positive vibrations, which reduces stress, and depression in humans through birth stars and Zodiac sign and Trees related to Navagrahas, Panchaboothas, etc., Those trees said in Vedas will be planted into a forest. The forests of this kind are Nakshatra Vana, Navagraha Vana, Panchabootha Vana, Sathru Samhara Vana, Kadamba Vana, Saptarishi Vana, Pushpa Vana, Panchavati Vana, Dhanvantri Vana, Dasamoola Vana, Ashoka Vana, Nandana Vana, Santana Vana, etc.,

Planting sacred forests can also have a positive impact on mental and physical health, as spending time in nature and connecting with the natural world has been shown to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Overall, planting sacred trees is a small but meaningful way to make a positive impact on the environment and to honor the cultural and spiritual beliefs of our ancestors.

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(Image not owned by EasyForest)

Fruit/Flowering Forest

Forest dominated by either fruit giving or flower bearing trees as per the client’s wish, but will also have specific amount of wood bearing trees and regular forest trees native to that region. (Note:- A forest should consist of all kinds of trees may be one or two kind could be dominating)

Eco Resorts

Any data from the Government on tourism and environment suggests that people from metro cities long for a weekend stay/vacation to spend in a forest like atmosphere. We develop environment friendly resorts in the outskirts of metros to suffice the need of people. These kinds of resorts are built in an Eco friendly way surrounded by forest developed by us to give the surreal forest feel.

Farm Development

Around 10% of population in India owns agricultural lands of which more than 60% is not properly utilized or poorly maintained. We develop these kind of farms in a way that it requires minimal human intervention and very less maintenance activities. These farms also generate revenues like regular farms.

Border/Fence/Revenue generating Forest

Any farmland or large scale properties requires a proper fence or border to cover a piece of land from intervention. EasyForest develops a self sustainable dense forest along the fence that reduces intervention, produces take away fruits and absorbs dust and noise from entering the property.

These forests also generate revenue from the timber trees, which are infused in the layout before planting.

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